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Ingrown Toe Nails

Discover effective ingrown toe nail treatment at Cambrian Chiropody. Our experienced team provide expert care and effective solutions. 

Ingrown toe nails (onychocryptosis) are very common, they can be caused by a variety of reasons such as, trauma to the nail plate, incorrect cutting of nails or poor/tight footwear. They can be extremely painful, whereby even the bed sheet lying on top of the toe can be painful. Ingrown toenails can lead to patients observing bleeding in socks, discharge around the toe and infection on one side of the toe, or in some case both sides of the toe.

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Specialied Care for Nail Conditions in Stourbridge

During an initial consultation or routine appointment, the chiropodist/podiatrist may be able to cut back the infected ingrowing toe nail (onychocryptosis), in which case this may solve the problem area, delay the pain returning for a period of time or in some case this ingrown toe nail may require nail surgery treatment.
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Specialist Service

Nail Reconstruction

Have you got disfigured, fungal, broken or damaged nails??

Then, we can help. We can offer an innovative nail reconstruction service that can help repair you nails so they look like normal, healthy nails.

The product we use is called LCN – wilde pedique. The procedure involves carrying out a routine chiropody treatment, then applying the LCN product (thick gel lacquer) on the affected areas of nail. A UV light is then applied over he gel to harden it. The gel can then be sculpted and shaped to blend in to your normal nail

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Jewels TiareJewels Tiare
05:04 04 Sep 23
Can't recommend highly enough ! I live in NZ my parents in Stourbridge. I was abel to arrange a consult from overseas for my Dad. These guys gave literally put an 85 yr old man back on his feet. Excellent service & my dad looks forward to his appointments. Can't thank you guys enough made a HUGE difference.
Kerry GriffithsKerry Griffiths
10:06 03 Aug 23
Very professional and friendly service. Anill made my Son feel at ease during the surgery, which went incredibly well and the aftercare was also amazing. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Jack SharpJack Sharp
08:43 25 Apr 23
Had a corn that was extremely uncomfortable and painful. Had it removed here with Anill.Fantastic service from start to finish, both the customer service and work done for me. Got me booked in fast and it was pretty much painless at a great price!I could feel the difference immediately after. Thank you!!!
Saw Gavin today. Lower back pain relief gone after 1 session. Looking forward to coming back to sort out all alignment issues. Thank-you so much
Nicola SambrooksNicola Sambrooks
14:21 12 Mar 23
My son came for treatment of his ingrowing toenails. Anill was excellent and I was very happy with the treatment and results.
Paul CoxheadPaul Coxhead
14:50 03 Mar 23
I went to see Gavin because I was having pains in my leg, back and shoulder. Gavin was excellent and spent time with me to find out the kind of things I do and what exact symptoms I was having. Gavin then did some simple manipulations on me and worked on the problem areas he had identified. I now have exercises to do for a few weeks.I feel very confident with the way Gavin works and would recommend him to anyone
Jan HadenJan Haden
17:03 20 Feb 23
Gavin attended to me for the first time today, following the retirement of my usual health professional. He listened to my concerns in a calm and measured way and explained how the issues presented could be resolved. Gavin was professional and friendly and I immediately felt the benefits of this treatment. Very happy!